Kewl Gadget Alert: LED Light Clips for Running Shoes

PowerSpurz LED Lights (Credit: Fancy)
Maybe it's because I had a race last weekend, but I seem to have running on the brain this week. Which is why I just had to share this handy gadget.

PowerSpurz LED Lights are clip-on LED lights that slide right onto the back of your sneakers, to keep you visible as you run (or cycle?).

They have a really smart design, latching onto the ankle of your shoe with an ergonomic look. Unlike many other disposable running lights out there, these are the least intrusive design I've seen. And they feature a big power button to turn them on and off which is nice in the dark. All around, a winner.

Except for this: The one GIANT drawback is that they are disposable. While they do provide 70 hours of continuous use or 100 hours of flashing light, for us long distance runners they might not even make it a year before hitting the landfill. Come on, designers, how hard would it be to put a little rechargeable battery in there and a USB plug? I mean, at $20 apiece for the disposable ones, you could charge $35, even $50, for the rechargeables...

Regardless, i know tons of runners who would be interested in this version for the safety factor with minimal bulk or inconvenience. And you gotta admit, they really are slick-looking and if there's one thing you need to know about runners, it's that it's all about the shoes :)

Find them on Fancy. Happy running!


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