Recreate the Game of Thrones Intro with this Incredible Pop-Up Book

If you have a Game of Thrones fan, then this might be a great novelty gift idea: the Game of Thrones Pop-Up Guide to Westeros.

It exactly what you think it would be: a grown-up version of a pop-up book featuring the castles and even The Wall from GoT, as well as some trivia and brief write-ups. The book was created by Matthew Christian Reinhart who has the fascinating title of Paper Engineer. Apparently papercraft is what he does for a living! I had no idea that was even an option, but if you believe the reviews on Amazon, apparently he has found his calling because this book is full of details even the most discriminating fan will appreciate.

Not only are the structures incredible to look at, but you can even remove the book's spine and lay out the entire thing as a map to get a closer look.

Check it out:

Bonus: Super Mario-Inspired Game of Thrones Intro 

So someone sat down one day and thought: what would the Game of Thrones intro look like if it was recreated in 8-bit? And then they built it. And it's every bit as fun as you would have thought; especially the MIDI music. (Be warned: instant earworm promised)

Is it just me or all of a sudden does GoT feel nostalgic?

Created by NicksplosionFX.

(Source: This Is Why I'm Broke)

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