Geek Portal: A Dose of Canadian Geeky Goodness

Geek Portal Canada logo
So, tomorrow being Canada Day, I thought it would be fun to bring you a distinctly Canadian dose of nerdery. There are some really great geeks all across our lovely country: from The Geek Chic Boutique in the Maritimes to former Ottawan Geek Sweet Treats out in Vancouver.

And now, a fun source of all things geek and Canadian: Geek Portal Canada. According to their site, the site endeavours to uncover:
the ultimate links for gamers, anime fans, horror fiends, comic collectors, sci-fi & fantasy enthusiasts, stellar steampunkers, techies and music maniacs....[also] full listings of Canadian conventions and festivals for geeks and nerds alike.
I think what I love best is the range of topics: from the usual games and events to horror, music and even a catch-all "Humour & For Fun" category, which naturally requires definitions of both "humour" and "memes" c/o the Urban Dictionary. (Right, nerds? I think we can agree that we're among friends, here.)

And the content has a Canadian focus: specifically, our venues and our events. Which is nice, because nothing is worse than googling nerdy events and not finding anything in your country city. Check out Geek Portal Canada via their website and on the twitters @GeekCanada. (Seriously wish I'd scored that Twitter handle. Love it!)

And Happy Canada Day, my geeks! (And if you're in Ottawa, don't forget to check out Canada Day Barrhaven, which is where we'll be hanging out.)

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