What's Up With Spydergrrl On The Web? The Next Chapter

As of today, there are no more Star Wars and Lego categories on Spydergrrl.

No, I'm not having a breakdown.
No, I'm not suddenly becoming a mommy blog.
Yes, that yummy content is still there.

Here's what's going on:

A couple of months ago, someone asked me why the content on my blog is so varied, "kind of all over the place". I tried not to take it personally, since the site is a reflection of my interests. :)

Kidding aside, this blog has been a reflection of topics that are interesting to me, things that I am thinking about it any given moment. For almost three years, I was blogging five times a week and covering a lot of gadgets and tech news but I found it exhausting. Balancing the blog with all my projects, my job and of course my family life became overwhelming. Back in November, I decided to reduce my stress level by changing my tagline from:
"geeky goodness five times a week"
"geeky goodness with a side of nerd"
And I immediately reduced my commitment to myself from blogging daily to blogging a few times a week. Did you notice? Some of you did and what I found was that most of you who did comment revealed a couple of interesting things:
  • You never felt you could keep up with the content at that frequency
  • You thought I was crazy for trying to post that often
I agree.

In fact, I feel that the blog has been undergoing a bit of an evolution as a result of the change in frequency: rather than writing about gadgets and tech news, writing fewer pieces is giving me the chance to do a deeper dive on subjects that are near and dear to me.

So while I will still be posting rare and fun, nerdy geeky things I find along my travels on the Web, you'll likely find more op-ed pieces, tutorials, rants and general commentary on topics that fascinate me, beyond just geek and tech, such as STEM education, the impact of tech on society and the workplace, and of course UX and design, given my work on UXCamp Ottawa.

So to that end, I've updated the categories on my site accordingly. Here's what you will find:
  • Rants
  • Geek Culture*
  • Civic Hacking
  • UX & Design
  • Tech & Gadgets
  • Social Media
  • Apps
  • How To
  • Little Geeks
* this is where the general geeky goodness resides, including all the Star Wars and Lego nerdiness

Check out the new sections, take a look around. I hope you like what you see. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for your continued support of Spydergrrl On The Web over the last 6 years. Here's to more geeky goodness!

- spydey

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