Ottawa Geek Social Club: Meetups For Getting Your Geek On

OGSC logo
So, I was looking for geeky things to do with the fam in July and came across this Meetup Group: The Ottawa Geek Social Club.

There is a group of people in Ottawa whose sole purpose is to get together and do geeky things.
I had no idea.

OGSC is meant to bring together folks of the geeky persuasion from the Ottawa area. With its 19+ (age) membership, they target adults, however they do have some kid-friendly events. Wondering if you're geeky enough? They certainly do seem open to just about anyone based on their profile:
Calling all geeks! Socialites and shy; trekkies and star wars buffs; cosplayers and bookworms; fluent in MS-DOS and Objective C and those who don't even know what those are; workers, students and non-workers; alliance and horde players!
There are 619 members according to their Meetup page and 24 upcoming meetups, including such things as game nights, stargazing and movie nights, nerdy speed dating :), geek garage sales (yes, please) and OMFG: the Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party. It's exactly how it sounds: Saturday, August 30th, you go to the Mayfair from 10am-1pm and pig out on cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons. And you're even welcomed to go in your PJs. Who's with me????

Game Night Tonight

If you want to get your nerd on tonight, OGSC are hosting a game night tonight starting at 6:30pm at the Royal Oak (188 Bank). Apparently, it happens every two weeks, so checkout the meetup page for info and RSVP.

More upcoming events

Check out the OGSC Meetup upcoming events page or the OGSC Facebook page for more a full list of upcoming events. And don't forget to let me know if you plan to head to Cartoons in August!

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