Science Explains Why We Blew on Nintendo Games (video)

One of the fun things about being bilingual is that I indulge in geekery from places like France. Language not being a barrier, I follow some great French blogs like Le Journal du Geek. And good thing, too, since one of their posts taught me (and now, you!) some science this weekend. The best kind of science, too: science that has to do with geekery.

Even better.

In fact, I have to say that I absolutely loved this video. The title seems a little link-bait-ish at first, but then it all comes together quite nicely. You see, they don't get to the part about blowing on cartridges until around the 2:40 mark. What they do cover in the first two and a half minutes is all about cognitive science.

What. Wha?

It turns out that our penchant for blowing into our Nintendo cartridges has nothing to do with physics or chemistry or even technology. It has everything to do with sociology and cultural norms. Who knew?

A science lesson wrapped up in retro gaming awesomeness and just a hint of an incredible Michael Jackson/ E.T. poster. What more can you ask for on a Monday?

(Source: Le Journal du Geek) - International geeks, FTW!

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