Summer Science: What Makes Your Ears Ring? (video)

So, it's the summer and hopefully the kids have not yet been out of school long enough to start proclaiming how bored they are. I mean, between Canada Day this past Tuesday and Independence Day tomorrow, there should be no shortage of celebration and awesomeness, regardless which side of the border you are on.

Now, if you're anything like me, you spend these types of celebrations at events with loud music and fireworks. And you might come home afterwards with the. most. annoying. problem.

That is, post-awesomeness ringing in the ears.
Totally a thing, amirite?

This year was no different for me; in fact, annoyingly, I still had it a bit of tinnitis the next day (which I take to be a sign of my fallibility aging).

So what causes tinnitis? Can it cause permanent damage? The answers from SciShow might surprise you. It's a quick, insightful video packed with plenty of info. So grab the kiddos and gather round the YouTubes for a great little summer science lesson!

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