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I was recently browsing in a game store and came upon an interesting box that I knew the Dude would love: it was the Adventure Time Card Wars game. In real life.

Card Wars started off as a fictional game portrayed in the cartoon show Adventure Time (see the episode below). In the show, the main characters Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog) square off in a rousing card game which escalates into the usual insanity that defines the show.

[Aside: If you've never seen Adventure Time, I basically describe it as Ren & Stimpy on crack. I still haven't figured out if you're supposed to watch it when high or never ever watch it when high. LOL]

The game setup is basically similar to other tabletop card games like Magic the Gathering: two opponents, each gets some land and a basic hand of cards containing some combination of characters, buildings and/ or spells. The goal is to build up an army and wage wars on the opponent's territories, with the intent to reduce their life points from 25 to 0. First to do that wins. (Sadly, there is no 3-d tabletop action like in the Card Wars episode ;)

Now, since this is an Adventure Time game, the instructions are entirely written in Adventure Time-speak. Which means of course that after reading them several times, I was still somewhat confused about the game play so we headed to YouTube to watch a couple of videos to figure out the remaining details. (I posted them below for reference.) Even with all this info, it still took us a couple of tries before we finally figured it out. I think. LOL

Thankfully, there is also a handy Card Wars wiki that we can use for reference.

If you're interested in giving it a shot, we picked up the set for  less than $20 at our local game shop but you can find it pretty much anywhere with a quick Google search. The game is rated 10+ and plays with 2 players. An average session ranges from 15 minutes, but ours seem to take longer (we're still learning). Expansion packs are available to add more cards and different players (BMO vs. Princess Rainicorn, for example).

Overall, Card Wars is a great way to introduce younger kids to gaming (I refer to it as a "gateway game" into other tabletop games), or just a fun way to kill some time on a rainy day.

Note: If you prefer video games, the Adventure Time wiki page about Card Wars lists Android and iOS versions of Card Wars too.

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