Back to the Future Hoverboard Display Actually Hovers (If You Don't Stand on It)

Anyone who was a child of the 80s will remember the scene from Back to the Future II where Marty McFly borrows a little girl's hoverboard to avoid a future incarnation of the dreaded bully, Biff.

Remember how we were all supposed to be getting around on hoverboards by now? I mean, BTTF 2 does take place in 2015. And yet, no hoverboards in use anywhere. (Incidentally, where is my self-drying jacket too?)

But just because you can't use one, doesn't mean you can't own one: Crealev (makers of the levitating lamp I featured) has one for you: they hacked a Mattel hoverboard toy and using Maglev (magnetic levitation) technology, turned it into an actual levitating hoverboard that you can display in your home.

Floating hoverboard display by Crealev
Crealev is pretty adamant that this is a display and not for use. (Awwwww.) Not only that, but according to the product page, it could be hard to get your hands on one of these:
These hoverboard displays are created in limited run just shy of ten. With Mattel not continuing their replica’s we won’t be able to create new ones either.
And at €1,950 (almost $2,800 CAD), you really need to be a hardcore BTTF fan to get one. Meantime, while you log into your bank account to check its balance, check out the hoverboard in action below. Sooooo awesome.

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