The Legendary Stan Lee Makes For An Adorable POP figure

If there's one thing I love about Marvel movies, it's the Where's Waldo aspect: when is the Stan Lee cameo? According to IMDB, he has appeared as an actor in no less than 73 movies, and made random walk-on cameos in everything from Iron Man to X-Men to Daredevil.

At 91 years old, he shows no signs of stopping. He's a regular fixture at Cons these days too, wowing fans on a regular basis. (How can we forget his pics with the little girl in Stan Lee cosplay? Too. Much. Fun.)

So it was just a matter of time before Funko, the company that makes those cartoony Bobblehead-looking figures, made one of the legend himself. Behold, the Stan Lee Pop Figure:

Stan Lee Pop Figure by Funko

How fun is that?! Funko is producing these as exclusives for various Cons, changing his tshirt insignia and clothing colours for each one. So, they tend to be expensive (as much as $50!). But still fun to look at :)

(Source: @TheRealStanLee)

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