Adorkable! Pump-Operated Batman Toque With Flapping Wings

Batman Flipeez Hat (Credit: ThinkGeek)
I can't even.

I don't know what I love more: the adorable kid (love that smirk), the animated GIF, or the fact that the wings of this hat actually flap! The whole thing turned me into the crazy lady laughing to herself on the bus when I came across it last week.

Now, based on the design (i.e. using an air pump to flap the batwings) this is purely a novelty item. One does not simply wash a hat containing air pockets and a pump; in fact the care instructions on ThinkGeek caution buyers to "spot clean" only. So, that might be a total deal-breaker in getting this for a kid ... but I have a small head...

I don't think I could pull this off, being middle-aged and all. (Ok, maybe on weekends) But I would love to get one of these for the Dude; he's got that wonderful combination of nerd and kid-aged lack of self-awareness in order to wear it often and flap the wings every chance he gets while saying, "I'm Batman" in the most gravelly voice possible. I can already hear the constant giggles.

So what do you think? Love it too? Might make a great Geekmas present... Naturally, you can find it on ThinkGeek.

(Source: Fashionably Geek)

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