Fake Trailer for "Adventure Time: The Movie" Will Make You Long for the Real Thing

Over the course of the last year, one of our obsessions has become Adventure Time. Or "that crazy show you and the Dude watch".

[Aside: Hubby was never much into absurd TV like Ren & Stimpy or Pinky & The Brain, so it's not at all surprising to me that he's not smitten with AT. But he has other redeeming qualities, I assure you.]

The Dude and I are sufficiently obsessed that he has been growing his shaggy hairstyle for months in order to dress up as Finn. And despite protestations by his coaches, we refuse to have it cut until after Hallowe'en because we're method like that.

So naturally, when I came across this trailer for an AT live action movie, I knew I'd love it even before I had seen it. In fact, it turned out even better than I'd originally hoped!

Finn and Jake - Scene from Adventure Time: The Movie
The official trailer description states:
Years later when magic in the Land of Ooo begins to fade, Finn and Jake must embark on one mommy of an adventure to save their world.
It's a really dark take on Adventure Time themes, and apparently a lot (all?) of the dialogue used in the trailer is actually pieced together from lines in the show. And the CGI is particularly impressive. I mean, is this a hobby? Does the team at Gritty Reboots just do this for fun? Seems like a lot of time went into animating Jake, which is surprising for a fake trailer. If this is up your alley, check out some of their other work including Calvin & Hobbes on their YouTube channel.


(Source: A.V. Club)

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