Almost Sold Out! Only a Handful of UXCamp Ottawa Tickets Left

UXcamp Ottawa badges
UXCamp Ottawa Badges
Tickets are going quickly and we're down to single digits, people!

We're just a few days out from UXCamp Ottawa and there are only a handful of tickets left. If you've been hemming and hawwing... well, it's time to take some action.

Consider this your final chance to rub elbows with 400 people from the Canadian UX community, check out incredible international and local speakers, get some really great swag and prizes, and generally nerd out for 2 days.

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Still On The Fence or Wondering: What is UXCamp?

Seriously, are you new here? Oh, you are. Ok. Well, then: UXCamp Ottawa is Canada's largest UX community conference. The event is in its 5th year and brings together over 400 user experience practitioners from Ontario and Quebec, the Prairies, British Columbia: we get folks from Montreal, Toronto, London, Waterloo, Vancouver, Calgary and some of the border states.

Our speakers are a cross-section of the best and brightest minds from the UX, development and design industries. The event is a real treat for attendees because we often manage to bring in speakers who either never or rarely ever come to Ottawa, let alone Canada, for speaking engagements.

That said, the two-day single track program is delivered with a lot of fun, excitement and we generally describe it as a two-day UX love-in (seriously, there is a *LOT* of hugging at UXCamp. It's a little weird but it seems to be our thing).

There are 3 co-chairs (including myselfBarb and Cornelius) who coordinate the non-profit event year over year. Beyond us, there is a group of volunteers (which changes every year) and a slew of local UX businesses who help us put on the event.

So, let this be your final warning: if you don't have your ticket yet, you'd better grab one right now or it's probably going to be too late.

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