Homemade Lego Advent Calendar 2014: Day 10

The story behind the Homemade Lego Advent Calendar: We opted not to buy the Dude a Lego Advent Calendar for the past couple of years. The Dude was quite amenable, countering with: "Ok, then you have to build me something every day until Christmas." Challenge  accepted! This is the series of daily posts, cataloguing my builds.

You know at some point I was going to work Star Wars into this advent calendar, didn't you? So why not on day 10? Frankly, I think it shows an amazing amount of restraint that I waited this long :)

Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego Millennium Falcon (with fancy lens flare)
If this looks somewhat familiar to you, that could be because I based it on set 4488 Mini Millennium Falcon. We don't own the set, so there was a good deal of hacking to put this together.

What you can't see is what's on the inside: Lego has maddeningly detailed instructions for some of its builds, which require you to build a whole bunch of detail into the inside of the build that you never actually see! I could have probably cut my 2 hour hunt-and-build time significantly if I'd noticed that from the beginning. Lesson learned!

See you tomorrow!

Next build - Day 11
Previous build - Day 9

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