Homemade Lego Advent Calendar 2014: Day 18

The story behind the Homemade Lego Advent Calendar: We opted not to buy the Dude a Lego Advent Calendar for the past couple of years. The Dude was quite amenable, countering with: "Ok, then you have to build me something every day until Christmas." Challenge  accepted! This is the series of daily posts, cataloguing my builds.

Today's build is a little anatomical robot fun:

Lego Skull (front view)

Lego Skull (side view)

This build was inspired by a much more detailed skull which also uses Lego Technic pieces. The robotics pieces are so different to work with, but result in completely different feel. My final design is intentionally (and significantly) simpler in an effort to convey as much of the shape as possible, with as few pieces as possible. I like the resulting cyborg-Terminator feel to it; a little creepy, a little futuristic. I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

See you tomorrow!

Next build - Day 19
Previous build - Day 17

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