Homemade Lego Advent Calendar 2014: Day 3

The story behind the Homemade Lego Advent Calendar: We opted not to buy the Dude a Lego Advent Calendar for the past couple of years. The Dude was quite amenable, countering with: "Ok, then you have to build me something every day until Christmas." Challenge  accepted! This is the series of daily posts, cataloguing my builds.

Today's build is a hat tip to all those hours we spend at the pool. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that the pool is my second office several times a week while the Dude does dive practice. Given the amount of time he spends on the dive tower, I thought this would be an especially fitting build for the calendar:

Diver on dive tower

Diver on dive tower
For the record, those represent the 3 meter and 5 meter platforms. And the diver is about to perform my most dreaded dive: the inward (aka the one where you totally think they're going to smack their heads on the board).

This is a pretty simplistic build, using almost entirely conventional pieces. I think it gives off a somewhat retro look. There are so many crazy pieces available in the newer sets, sometimes it almost feels like cheating. Granted, I will take advantage of the for future builds but I like the old school feel of today's creation.

See you tomorrow!

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