Homemade Lego Advent Calendar 2014: Day 4

The story behind the Homemade Lego Advent Calendar: We opted not to buy the Dude a Lego Advent Calendar for the past couple of years. The Dude was quite amenable, countering with: "Ok, then you have to build me something every day until Christmas." Challenge  accepted! This is the series of daily posts, cataloguing my builds.

Today's build is inspired by my love of all things sci-fi:

Front view of spaceship

Rear of spaceship
There's really not much more to the story. I'm happy with how this build turned out, in that I was able to find two of everything from among the massive pile of Lego on the playroom floor :) The resulting symmetry and simplicity makes me quite happy. And of course, the Dude enjoyed it too, which is what counts most.

See you tomorrow!

Next build - Day 5
Previous build - Day 3

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