Spyder Bites (Mar. 6, 2015)

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Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

In this week's issue...
  1. What do grown-up Star Wars and Lego fans do with their spare time (and hundreds of thousands of bricks)?
    Why, build a full-sized Lego X-Wing fighter, of course! The Dude brought me the video below of 10 amazing Lego structures and told me to just go on ahead and jump to 3:38 where they showcase said incredible homage to Star Wars. If you have 8 minutes, check out the whole thing, but if you don't I seriously suggest you check out the X-Wing. Honestly, this could only be more amazing if it was a working full-sized Lego X-Wing fighter. WOW.

  2. Covet everything Claire Underwood owns?
    Join the club. Or better yet, be better than the rest of us and shop for it in real-time, using LookLive which debuts in April. Basically, you watch a show and can get information on pretty much every item of clothing. According to the article on Mashable, "LookLive's artificial intelligence searches the web to find about 20 ranked possibilities" for each item of clothing, and provides the option to see the real thing or a more affordable one. Now if only it could find the most amazing moon-print skirt that Scottie wore in an earlier season of Suits...
  3. Where should you hide during a zombie apocalypse?
    Science can tell us! Even if it can't necessarily save us without, you know, an actual cure, science can tell us the best places to hide. And much like we've already learned from The Walking Dead, it's out in the country, folks. And in the hills. Basically, away from highly populated areas. So head to the cottage, and hope that everyone else doesn't get the same idea.
    (via @BambiBlue)
  4. Did you know that many of the first computer programmers were female?
    Yeah, because programming computers was considered clerical work back in the 60s. Check out this incredible article on Computer Boys entitled, Your Career In Computer Programming written in 1967. It's a surprisingly flattering take on "girl programmers" and didn't make me as ragey as I originally thought it would. (via @catehstn)
  5. Spock your 5 dollar bill yet?
    So, the Bank of Canada got called out for being a bit inconsistent in their messaging about the grassroots homage to Leonard Nimoy that popped up, as Trekkies all over the country turned Sir Wil Laurier into Spock on their 5 dollar bills. First the Bank said it was no big deal. Then they told us to just stop it already. All I know is that when a story like this hits Geekologie, we've made it, Canada. #LLAP
  6. Can you spot the wind turbines on the Eiffel Tower?
    Probably not unless you know exactly where to look. The Eiffel Tower is undergoing a giant reno, and two sleek wind turbines are part of the upgrade. They're painted to look like the rest of the tower and are apparently so quiet you can't even hear them as you enjoy your foie gras directly beneath them in the restaurant atop the tower. They wanted to put more than two but didn't want to affect the design; it's a great start though! 
  7. Still playing SimCity?
    You might be alone in your virtual existence. And it's going to get lonelier as Maxis, the company behind the game, has shut down. EA bought them a while ago and then made all sorts of mistakes with SimCity leading up to the announcement of Maxis' ultimate demise. There are lots of Sim variants that you can keep playing but the original is now dead. Long live your creepy looking avatar.
  8. What would it look like if the world was hit by a 300+ mile-wide asteroid?
    Not good and yet stunning, at the same time. Check out this mesmerizing simulation video (below) and tell me if we don't look a whole lot like the sun by the end of it all. (via Laughing Squid)
And with that, I leave you for another week. Happy trails, nerds!

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