Spyder Bites (March 20, 2015)

Spyder Bites logo (Credit: Mindy Weaver, IconBug, CC BY 3.0)
Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

In this week's issue... you know what happens when the Spyder goes on vacation? She misses an issue of Spyder Bites and the next one overflows with geeky goodness! Enjoy!

  1. Is there enough Star Wars in your home decor?
    Probably not. In fact, you might need a Storm Trooper area rug, a Darth Vader clock or a Tie Fighter bedspread. You DO need them. Trust me. Naturally, they're available on Etsy by The Gretest. (via Fashionably Geek)
  2. Or how about some more geek in your kitchen?
    Try one of these 42 geeky kitchen gadgets. I had no idea I needed a sonic screwdriver vegetable peeler until now. 
  3. How does someone even conceive of a round smartphone?
    Drugs? Sherlock fetish? We can't be sure. But the Runcible is a digital pocketwatch that brings together your smart watch and your smartphone, in a pocket-friendly package. And it's a weird combination of wacky and fascinating. 
  4. Can you help a blind person somewhere across the globe, right now?
    You betcha. Be My Eyes brings together the best of microvolunteering and accessibility by providing a platform for sighted volunteers to assist blind users in accomplishing small daily tasks. In real time. It's basically like Skyping someone who has a small question for mere minutes, helping them out and then hanging up. Crowdsourced accessibility. So. Much. Love. (via CBC Spark)
  5. Could Google Truth Rankings put Snopes out of business?
    Doubtful, as long as your Grandpa keeps forwarding you memes-as-truths. But Google Truth Rankings could help the average Google user sniff out fake vs. real sources of info. If you put your trust in the Googlers to tell truth from fiction. If they have a political agenda (or are perceived as having one) it could mean a grey zone between truth and posturing, though, so this could get ugly fast. (via Salon
  6. What happens when political cartoonists don't understand the material they parody?
    A lot of headdesk and facepalm. The Tumblr A Good Cartoon gathered a bunch of cartoons about Net Neutrality which totally misconstrued the actual point of Net Neutrality, and actually replaced the captions with "The Cartoonist Has No Idea How Net Neutrality Works". Which would be hilarious if there weren't so many of them. (via TechDirt)
  7. Love 'em or hate 'em, computer icons are... iconic.
    And now they're in MOMA. A new exhibit is showcasing the work of Susan Kare who designed the Mac's first icons... and really the first icons for computers as we know them today. And now, apparently, modern art. (via Fast Company)
  8. Think your blog is invisible?
    Think again. A developer named Matthew Rothberg invented Unindexed, a tool that performs Google searches for a site and then deletes it when it is indexed. It takes about 22 days for a site to surface in search results, from first publishing. It's a statement on the transient nature of the web. I think it's a statement that your content isn't as hidden as you think it is. So you might want to delete that post about your coworkers, just in case...  (via The Next Web)
  9. Do you say "Ba la la la" when you fist-bump?
    You are clearly a fan of Big Hero 6. And this shirt is for you. (via Fashionably Geek)
  10. So, you want to build your own Millennium Falcon?
    You might want to save up. Here's an infographic that breaks down the costs. Spoiler: makes the $280 Lego one seem downright cheap!
And there you have it. Want more? Check out all the issues of Spyder Bites

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