Spyder Bites (April 10, 2015)

Spyder Bites logo (Credit: Mindy Weaver, IconBug, CC BY 3.0)
Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

In this week's issue... stay tuned at the end for a special announcement!

  1. As of today, you can pay for Star Wars!
    I mean, you can finally download Star Wars legally! I mean the big wigs at Disney decided to bank on the upcoming release of Episode VII by putting all the old movies online as digital downloads. Because CASH.
  2. Ready to watch Game of Thrones but can't remember what happened last season?
    Get caught up with this fantastic Game of Thrones series recap infographic that tracks everything that happened in every house across all four seasons. So much faster than re-watching all those episodes! (via iO9)
  3. Want to get caught up on Game of Thrones but can't be bothered to read that infographic?
    Here's an animated Game of Thrones series recap video for the lazy among you.
  4. What if building accessibility apps could help you win $100K?
    Tis true. NYU and AT&T recently launched the Ability Challenge, to get devs thinking about things from an accessibility perspective. It's touted as a "tech challenge to empower people living with disabilities". Can't get much more awesome than that. (via Fast Company)
  5. Rel=fact means you no longer have to check Snopes after every Google search.
    Google now supports new metadata tags that permit site managers to inform the search engine on the validity of the information present on their sites. No one is actually verifying how the tags are applied so it remains to be seen whether site owners will use this to game the system (Spoiler: Yes).
  6. Ever wonder why you have to pay for female characters in video games?
    So did this 12 year old girl. The answer she got is leading to changes in how game companies establish default character options.
  7. And speaking of female characters, ever wonder why Wonder Woman uses bracelets to fend off bullets?
    Superman wondered, and now we all know. Better stick with those bracelets, WW.
  8. Need a little hit of Star Wars in your wardrobe?Ok, maybe not so little. Check out the latest addition to my closet, Think Geek's amazing Star Wars Ships Maxi Dress. What the discriminating Star Wars geek will be wearing this summer. Not a single subtle thing about it.
  9. And how about a little gamer jewelry to go with it?
    Charlie Meaden's Etsy shop offers a few clean simple nerdy designs in either gold or silver. Can we just pause for a moment and admire the beauty of the space invaders ring and game controller earrings? (via Boing Boing)
  10. Have an iPhone but miss your GameBoy?
    Why not have both? What started out as an April Fool's joke turned into an actual announcement by Hyperkin that they are building a crazy gadget that slides onto an iPhone so you can play it like a GameBoy. It even has that retro GameBoy feel. No word on whether it will turn your screen into monochrome... (via Journal du Geek)
  11. Someone built TARS from Interstellar.
    This wins all Comicons from now on. Period.

Special Announcement

I'm very excited to announce that next week, I will be launching a new project. If you're interested in user experience and accessibility, come back or follow @land_of_ux on Twitter so you don't miss the announcement!!

Stay nerdy, my friends.

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