Spyder Bites (June 8, 2015)

Spyder Bites logo (Credit: Mindy Weaver, IconBug, CC BY 3.0)
Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

So, the last time I was able to eke out an issue of Spyder Bites was... April. In May, I travelled to two conferences, had a sinus infection for a week and took some downtime with the family. And suddenly it was June. And my Evernote has been absolutely overflowing with stuff I've been bookmarking to share with you. Not sure how much I can get through this time but here we go...
  1. The future belongs to the Ponies.
    Specifically, these amazingly detailed Mad Max Fury Road My Little Ponies. (via Geeks Are Sexy)
  2. Lego just admitted a giant OOPS.
    By announcing a Minecraft-esque video game. Named Lego Worlds, the game... nah, I'm not going to bother. It's Minecraft with Lego people. Which proves Lego should have bought Minecraft eons ago. (via Fast Company)
  3. Got your Apple II Watch yet?
    Wait, what? Yes, some nerd built an Apple II watch that actually works. Check out the pics and the instructions are online, because OMG the teeny tiny floppy drive!!! This is definitely the ultimate DIY retro hipster watch. (via Fashionably Geek)
  4. Too lazy to build a costume for your next con?
    Just get these ready-to-wear cel-shaded jeans. Sure, they're themed on Borderlands but honestly, you could just outline your face and a white tshirt in black lines and voila! Instant comic book character! Hmm... (via Fashionably Geek)
  5. Need a killer Twitter promo?
    Consider embedding an MS-DOS game into your next campaign tweet. No, seriously. In the same way that you can link to a video, GIF or image in a tweet, according to this article on Ubergizmo, you can also embed MS-DOS games. Question is, how do you tie Space Invaders into your lawn care campaign...?
  6. Camping season! Never miss a camping selfie!Thanks to The Powerpot which lets you charge your electronics as you cook on the campfire. Because fire and electronics are a GREAT combination. (Admittedly, it uses some pretty neat engineering, though.) (via Design Taxi)
  7. Or go the safer route...
    And recharge using leg power. The Go Kin Pack is a recharging backpack that relies on your movement to charge a battery pack to charge your electronics. And no chance of your phone resembling a marshmallow. (via Clean Technica)
  8. What do you do with an old VW bus?Turn it into R2D2. Of course. (via BoingBoing)
  9. And stock it with Star Wars party essentials.
    Specifically, these Star Wars character wine stoppers and cheese knives. (via That's Nerdalicious)
  10. And your matching backpack.
    As in this R2D2 backpack that looks just like the one I used to carry in high school. Except that it was black and didn't have R2D2 painted on it. But it was totally the same. (via Fashionably Geek)
Phew. Ok, that made a bit of a dent in my backlog. Who knows, if my week goes well, I just might have another one of these for you on Friday... stay tuned!

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