Spyder Bites (August 19, 2015)

Spyder Bites logo (Credit: Mindy Weaver, IconBug, CC BY 3.0)
Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

In this issue...
  1. Now you too can look like C3PO!
    Thanks to Cover Girl's new line of Star Wars makeup. While I think this speaks to the ubiquity of Star Wars in modern culture, a part of me wonders if this will spawn "fake geek girl" comments. (FTR, I hereby throw a pre-emptive eyeroll.)
  2. Know what happens when Star Wars meets True Detective?
    Magic. Don't believe me? Check this out:

  3. As Google turns into Alphabet, will it start naming companies in alpha order? Google Apple. Oh, wait.
    Maybe not, but TechCrunch did manage to come up with a Google tech for each letter. It's a fantastic look at the reasoning behind the launch of the Google parent company. (Well, that and lawsuits, let's be honest.)
  4. Pretend for a moment that you're an introvert. (Yeah, this is a BIG stretch for me ;)
    What if there was a way you could tell when your favourite hangouts were crowded? Or maybe you just want to know when the lineup is shorter at the bank? (Do people go to those anymore?) Anyway, those types of locations could install Density sensors and beam that info straight to your phone! AVOID ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME! Introverts rejoice! (Source: Engadget)
  5. Do you ever get major FOMO on Reddit?
    Not about being offline; don't be ridiculous. I mean about all the great subs that you might just not know about. Well, FOMO no more, my nerds thanks to RedditViz: a visual representation of our online home (aka the Front Page of the Internet). Now you can delve deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of Reddit, if you so choose. Just don't forget to eat.
  6. Love your flip phone but just can't handle getting razzed one more time over your RAZR?(See what I did there?) Then Samsung's latest flip phone might be for you. The Snapdragon 8o8 is a flip featuring 2 amoled screens and a physical keypad. Now you can live in both the 1990s and 2015 at the same time. Oh, it's only available in China. (Source: Android Central)

    Samsung Snapdragon 8o8 (Credit: Android Central)
  7. Wish your lithium ion batteries lasted longer?
    How about 4 times longer? Well thanks to a mistake in the lab, they might. Turns out that two scientists had an uh-oh moment when they realized they soaked some nanoparticles required to make the batteries way longer than intended. And suddenly the batteries worked way longer than originally expected. Way to fail big, guys!  
  8. Want to do something good with your next t-shirt purchase?
    Head over to FeedFive. Started buy a very philanthropic group of young people, each t-shirt will provide 5 meals for needy individuals, prepared and served by the same incredible group of young people who are selling the shirts. I suddenly feel like a total slacker. Seriously, tho. Go check it out.  
  9. Speaking of amazing people doing amazing stuff, a teen designed a new quantum space propulsion system.
    A teen. A quantum space propulsion system. I know, right? So the biggest thing holding us back from deep space exploration (apart from the death) is creating the energy to get us out of our own gravitational pull and propel us through space. So a teen figured out how to basically squeeze quantum particles and generate energy. It's complicated and my brain only kind of understands what's going on but it could change the future of space travel. A teenager.  
You know what? I think that's all for this week. I'm going to go think about how little I've accomplished compared to that teenager. No, actually, I'm on vacation, so I'm going to enjoy the sunshine. Ok, maybe both. See you soon, nerds!

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