Spyder Bites (August 8, 2015)

Spyder Bites logo (Credit: Mindy Weaver, IconBug, CC BY 3.0)
Spyder Bites is a carefully curated chaotic mishmash of generally nerdy stuff that I come across in a given week.

In this issue...
  1. Don't be alarmed if I cover my hands and yell, "NO SPOILERS!" 
    You probably mentioned the new Star Wars movie. Here's why I'm avoiding all things Episode VII (or IV for the purists).
  2. However, I will happily look at merchandise...
    Like these gorgeous new Adidas Star Wars kicks. You can even customize them on the mi Adidas site. Looks like everyone is getting on the Star Wars bandwagon and in this case all I can say is: "Yes, please."

    Star Wars Adidas sneakers
  3. Could a bike helmet with lights keep cyclists cafe?
    Ottawa is known for its cycling culture, but it's still somewhat dangerous for riders on some of the busier streets. In fact, there are some high traffic areas I intentionally avoid when commuting to work because of the high rate of bike-car accidents (including some causing death) along those roads. But maybe this helmet with integrated brake lights could help:

    Lumos Bicycle Hemet with brake lights
    (Source: Engadget)
  4. Speaking of accidents, would it be wrong if I intentionally broke a limb in order to use this cast?
    No, it's not one of those awesome 3-d printed ones. It's this gorgeous electronic concept cast I saw over on Yanko Design. Ok, maybe I don't want to intentionally get maimed to use it, but if I ever do get maimed again, can I have one? Pleeeeease?
  5. What happens to all your online accounts when you die?
    See what I did there? Ok, morbid perhaps, but we had a death in the family and of course those types of life events get everyone scrambling to update their wills and share their passwords. One useful tool we discovered is Google's Inactive Account Manager. You can use it to send alerts to another person in the event that your account is inactive for a specific period of time. You can also share links so that they can download your data before your account gets cancelled. Handy if you're expecting to be the target of a mob hit too, I guess.
  6. Wish you could retract that last email?
    You're in luck: Gmail recently added an "undo send" feature. It's under settings if you need it. (Source: NY Times)
  7. Absolutely need that new game but running out of storage on your Xbox?
    No worries, Microsoft just announced an Xbox-specific external hard drive. And it's lime green to boot.
  8. Rainy day? Build a robot!
    Lifehacker has a great set of instructions to build an Arduino robot arm. And this project is even suitable for beginners! So next rainy day, grab the kids and head to your local electronics store to pick up an Arduino starter kit and build me yourself a robot arm. 
  9. Or check out this working mini Hyperloop!
    Because students are awesome, some of them built a working small-scale prototype of Elon Musk's transporter monorail vacuum tube train rapid transit system.
  10. Or if you love steampunk and animation, then watch this short.
    Gorgeous, emotional and possibly one of the most wondrous Rube Goldberg machines I've seen in animation. Just breathtaking. The story is so compelling, the Dude and I wished it was a trailer for a full length movie.

    (Source: Epbot)
Well, that's it for this week, folks! See you soon!

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