Homemade Lego Advent Calendar 2015: Day 15 - C3P0 & R2D2

The story behind the Homemade Lego Advent Calendar: We opted not to buy the Dude a Lego Advent Calendar for the past few years. The Dude was quite amenable, countering with: "Ok, then you have to build me something every day until Christmas." Challenge accepted! This is the series of daily posts, cataloguing my builds.

Quick! How many days until Star Wars? In our house, it's 4. We're going first thing Saturday morning and while I'm not down to counting by hours yet... it won't be long! Naturally, I couldn't get this close to the big day without throwing a Star Wars build into the mix! Frankly, I'm surprised I waited this long. (Granted, Tatooine did make a cameo in the Greek Mythology build.)

So, here are the droids you're looking for:

C3P0 & R2D2 (Credit: spydergrrl)
C3P0 is 2 inches high and R2D2 comes in at just over an inch. Frankly, I think they're completely adorkable in their minimalist forms. Hubby didn't know what they were at first, but something tells me the force is stronger with the Dude and he'll get it much more quickly :)

See you tomorrow!

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