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Cyber Security and the Opportunity for User-Centered Design

I am curious. I like to play: with toys, with ideas, with tech. And I used to be very scared of hardware until the cloud came along and I started using all of my tech as dumb-smart devices that simply access stuff stored elsewhere. Now, I'll happily play around with my device configuration knowing that (unless I accidentally brick it), I can just do a factory reset and nothing will be lost (other than a little time in my day).

Which is why I was exploring all of the security and encryption settings on my LG G4 smartphone when I accidentally locked my SIM card.

When you first set up the LG G4, the security settings options allow you to create a 4-digit access code which can be used to lock your SIM. I thought I had skipped the setup originally, so when I came to that screen I entered in what I thought would be a new 4-digit code.

Error message.


Maybe I did set this up.

Enter 2 possible codes.

Then this happened:

PUK Lock ScreenDoh.


Same screen.


Google told me I wou…