Storytelling: Building Compelling Stories for Any Audience (Presentation Materials)

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Nothing irks me more than hearing someone say that they "have to build a deck" or "write a report" before they even mention the actual, you know, content of said deliverable. Especially since it's pretty easy to craft messages that people can relate to, rather than putting together another boring PowerPoint slide.

This presentation explores storytelling at work. Not milk-and-cookies-time-around-the-campfire storytelling, but using storytelling methods to build and deliver messages in a compelling way. Using empathy to draw your audience in and help them to hear your message, and hopefully create a memorable experience in the process.

Creative Commons License

As with all my presentation notes and the content on this site, I've assigned the Storytelling presentation materials a Creative Commons license (CC by 3.0 non-commercial, see below for details). Feel free to use, copy, share, modify, improve and generally enjoy all of it, with attribution, for personal use. Not for commercial use.

Storytelling: Building Compelling Stories for Any Anudience was developed by Tanya S. (@spydergrrl) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to re-share, re-use, re-work with proper attribution, for non-commercial uses.

Download the Storytelling: Building Compelling Stories for Any Audience Presentation Materials

Download the session notes in PDF: Storytelling: Building Compelling Stories for Any Audience Presentation

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