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F*ck Info FOMO (or Dealing with The Info Spaghetti Monster)

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. The fear that if you miss something, you will miss out on something great. - Urban Dictionary

Having tech in my hand all day long means I can capture every interesting tidbit of information:
save it to read when I have time;bookmark that site to peruse it on my bus commute;mark that subreddit so I can browse it over coffee; add that podcast so I can listen to it on my run;save that epub so I can read it over my lunch hour... Except that suddenly there are exactly 7,929,562,377 unread items when I log in to any app anywhere at any time.

And that sh*t stresses me out.

Because if it's not bad enough that I've got anxiety from the insomnia that's induced by the to-do list that doesn't stop running through my head on any given night, now that list is ever-expanding thanks to all that potential content: All the geeky goodness, nerdy nuggets and other general learn-y type info that I collect on my endless rounds of the Internet.

I mean, let's be …

Epic Fails and Small Wins: What I've Learned So Far From My Career in Tech

In tech, the concept of agile development is a bit of a no brainer. Venture capitalists and start-up gurus encourage start-ups to "Fail fast." It's supposed to be a mantra that encourages innovation, learning and agility.

Make something. Make mistakes. Learn. Make something better.

Last week, as I was reading Why We Fail, I took a few minutes to think about all of the fails I've experienced throughout my career; some mine, some I just witnessed. Having bounced around the tech sector for half my career and government for the other half, I can honestly say that I have experienced some incredible failures. Here are just a few:
That time the start-up went under because shiny thing! The first start-up I ever worked for ran out of money 18 months after I arrived. Mostly because the owner was too forward-thinking, and way ahead of his time. He got bored doing today's work, preferring to work on really innovative stuff that was far ahead of its time. (Read: we couldn&#…