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How to Be a Bad Business Analyst

I am a Business Analyst.
I know, I know.
We suck.

Business Analysis is all about useless documentation and templates, right? BAs are sticklers for detail and overloading process onto projects. And did I mention all. the. documents? I mean, who has time to read those? Projects could be so much more agile if we just skipped having a BA on the project. Amiright?

Let's face it: BAs get a lot of flack for being inflexible document masters and scope mistresses. But we don't have to be. Nor should we be.

I think BAs get a bad rap because it's really easy to be a bad BA.

Thankfully, it's also just as easy to be a good BA.

But, how do you know if you're a bad BA? Here are some potential signs that you've got bad BA habits:
You document everything formally "Here's a list of documents we'll be producing for the project. Why? Well, because that's what you do on these types of projects." SMH. Yes, it's important to capture scope clearly and get cl…

Dear Extrovert: Tips for Chitchat With an Introvert

So, you're an extrovert. Congratulations. Go tell someone else all about it.

Because I'm exhausted just thinking about it. All the people-ing. And worse, I'm afraid that you're about to tell me all about how great extroversion is, and how you get all of your energy by interacting with people and isn't that amazing and I want you to stop talking before you even get started.

I know you might have trouble understanding how exhausting I find people, so in order to make both of our lives easier (ok, mine), I've got a couple of tips for you about chatting with my kind: Introverts. But I'm not going to actually tell you what they are. Dog, no. That requires interacting with you. No, I'm going to type them out here and leave them on the Internet where you can find them. And if you want to react, you can DM me on Twitter or comment and I'll get back to you in my own time when I can spare the energy. Because, people.

Here's what you should keep in mind w…