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Fostering Team Culture Through Better Onboarding: Lessons From My Failed Projects

I've been lucky to work on dozens of projects throughout my career and there is one thing I've learned which has affected every single one of those projects:
In most cases, not enough attention is paid to onboarding team members. Now I'm not talking about solution rollout or customer adoption of the project. No, I am referring to onboarding the actual members of the project team, the people responsible to develop and implement the solution.

In fact, the biggest, most spectacular failures I've been on were the ones when there was no onboarding strategy for project team members at all. That is, people rolled on and off the project at various intervals depending on the phase of work (conception, design, procurement, configuration, implementation, rollout, operations) and no one made sure that they understood the project when they arrived.

I have a tendency to work on projects that have aggressive timelines and strict budgets. Almost every time new people join, the projec…