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Design Twitter, Negativity, and Hurting the Cause

If you want to have fun, just log on to Twitter and ask, "Ok, what are we fighting over today, Design Twitter?" It could be anything from whether designers need to learn to code, to whether UX/UI is a single job, to the ethics of design, to does UX have/need a seat at the table, to does UX even exist??? And so on. We love to analyze, we are particular about words and we constantly fight among ourselves as well as "outsiders" about all of these topics.

Defending a practice that is growing and changing is difficult. And there's a fine line between supporting healthy debate and spiraling into arguments that alienate non-UXers and serve to work against our cause.

Someone told me that as much as they love me, they unfollowed me on Twitter over the winter because my tone was so frustrated and negative. And it was. I love a good rant. I am snarky and optimistic all at the same time. But I was spiraling into sustained negativity.

Her comment made me think long and har…