My Favourite Podcasts: Part 2

I've been asked a few times to share my podcast list, and earlier this year, I obliged with the post: My Favourite Podcasts.

As I've settled into my bus commute, I've been exploring the podcasts available on my commuting BFF, Google Listen. In fact, I've had to replace a few of the other ones since they were not broadcasting over the summer.

I've been searching for podcasts with the keywords: tech, geek, science, computer, social media, marketing, communications, leadership, and innovation. I've found a bevvy of great content and have significantly added to the roster. So... I thought I would do a Part 2 and share with you some of the greats I am tuning into regularly. Here's what I'm tuning into these days:
So there you go: that's what's currently in my Google Listen at any given moment. It's the beginning of September, though so I'm sure that list will grow again as shows come back online.

What are you listening to? Leave a comment!