What I'm Listening To: My Fave Podcasts Part 3

A few weeks ago, on of my favourite tech podcasts, CNet Buzz Out Loud went off the air. (A moment of silence for BOL. ... Ahem.) Well, technically, they will still be around for things like product launches and special events, but on April 5th their weekly Thursday podcasts were officially put to rest in a drunken stupour. (I'd bet it took @MollyWood and the crew a few days to get over that liquor-induced show ;) And so I took a look at my Google Listen subscriptions to see if I needed to find some more stuff to fill the void on my commute, left by BOL's sunsetting.

And then I realized, wow. The number of tech podcasts I am subscribed to has gone up significantly since I compiled my podcast lists last year (list 1, list 2). My selections cover tech news, digital marketing and usability. Oh and a little conspiracy-laden crackpotty, for good measure.

Now, there are way too many to fit into a single post so I will share with you the ones I listen to every single week without fail. I've been listening to some of these for a while, so you might recognize them from previous lists. Consider them among my faves :)

So here's a short list of shows I always try to catch:
  • APM: Marketplace Tech Report - American Public Media's daily tech report lasts all of 2 minutes but gives an update on tech news from a business perspective. It's a quick way to catch up on a few key headlines while I do my makeup. (The tablet is portable, you know).
  • CBC Spark - CBC's take on how technology impacts our lives has a very sociological component that I love. They focus more on the impact of the technology than the finer points of what makes it work. That human component makes for fascinating interviews and has definitely "sparked" (sorry) a few posts on this blog.
  • Surprisingly Free - Jerry Brito looks at tech from a policy and legal perspective, exploring topics like privacy and patent law. Very relevant to my day job and also fascinating.
  • PRI's The World: Technology podcast - Looks at tech from a global perspective, which can sometimes be lacking in other coverage.
  • Six Pixels of Separation - While not a tech podcast, per se, Mitch Joel's weekly look at digital marketing trends is comprised of one-on-one interviews with leaders in the space. And I smile every time I hear his opening: "Who are you and what do you do?" (Sidebar: this podcast has gotten me through many a long run and even a couple of half marathons :)
  • Jaffe Juice - Again, not exactly a tech podcast but Joseph Jaffe, a frequent guest on Six Pixels, talks digital marketing and often has lively round table discussions with other marketing experts.
  • And when it's not too technical IBM DeveloperWorks - This podcast gets into some really technical stuff, like specifics of programming languages but when it deals with application project management and agile approaches, I'm all ears.

And now for something different

Last but not least (definitely not least since the shows last 2 hours!) is No Agenda Show - Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak and a whole lot of political and media analysis that sometimes(?) borders on crackpot conspiracy theorise. Which is exactly what I love about it. I first heard John C. on TWiT but I only started listening to No Agenda after some prompting from @YellowJKT. Thanks, Dude :)

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