All the UX Camp Ottawa III Tweets (That Storify Would Let Me Capture)

This past weekend I was co-chairing UXCampOttawa III, hosting fantastic speakers from across North America and 400 participants who gave 10.5 hours of their Saturday (and some, another 8 hours of their Sunday) to learn, share and immerse themselves in UX geeky goodness.

Storify hiccups

So I went to Storify to create a historical log of all the tweets from UXCampOttawa III which just took place this weekend, and discovered that Storify seems to have a glitch: either it won't go back more than 48 hours, or it caps the number of tweets that you can put into a Storify. If anyone knows how to get around this, let me know because right now this only goes back partway into Saturday &mdash you know, the day of the actual conference!

Find out more about UXCamp

If you're interested in finding out more or want to sign up to the mailing list to be in the know for next year, visit

Or, take a scroll through the fantastic tweets. You can still engage with the community via #uxott on Twitter.