My Favourite Podcasts (Right Now)

It's been a while since I posted the list of podcasts I am listening to, but after several discussions on the topic with friends over the past few months I thought it was time to revisit it. Especially considering that my list has changed so much since the first few times I did write about podcasts.

I'm a podcast transient: I like exploring different podcasts on the same topics until I find the ones that resonate the most with me... until they don't. And then I find new ones. I am also a podcast fanatic. I listen to 20-30 hours of podcasts per week, when I'm commuting, cooking, cleaning, running and doing any other physical activity that I don't find mentally engaging enough on its own.

I recently set my podcast app to play nearly everything at 1.5x speed because I have just too many podcasts I want to listen to. Truth be told, it triggered some big anxiety symptoms at first, giving me an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach and stressing me out to a surprising level. It took me a few tries but now I can listen to almost everything sped up, which makes me quite happy since there is so much good content coming out weekly and I really hate paring down my list.

So, what is on my list these days anyway? I'll break these out into a few categories since there are currently 41 podcasts in my app (is that excessive?). For simplicity, they are listed alphabetically:

Tech podcasts

Design and User Experience podcasts

Life podcasts

  • Call Your Girlfriend - Discussion about politics, feminism and everything in between
  • Changed My Mind - Interviews with people about a time they changed their mind, and the impact it had on them
  • Hidden Brain - Stories about science and human behaviour 
  • Nothing Much Happens - Bedtime stories for grown-ups (to help me turn off my brain at bedtime)
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking - Real talk about the crappy parts of life
  • The Allusionist - Exploring language and its cultural impact
  • The Good News Podcast - Happy stories for the happiest 5 minutes in your whole day
  • The Moment - Interviews with creators from the entertainment industry
  • Toddcast - Discussions on mental health and work-life balance with members of the Canadian public service
  • Unladylike - Discussions and interviews fueled by feminist rage
  • Without Fail - Interviews about success and failure

Comedy Podcasts

So there you go, this is everything I am listening to these days. Hope you find something that interests you and happy listening!

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