Join me at the UX Watercooler Wed. April 13

I will be the guest speaker this week at the UX Watercooler, a weekly chat using Twitter Spaces hosted by @allisonGrayce. This week, we'll be talking about my favourite topic: UX Theatre.

UX Watercooler will be Wednesday, April 13 at 9pm Eastern. To get a reminder for the event, use the link in the tweet below:

New to Twitter Spaces? 

If you've never participated in a Twitter space before, they can be a little intimidating. Basically, it's like a radio call-in show. Some folks are chatting and others from the audience can join in. Here are a few tips:

  • Twitter spaces works best on mobile. When I have joined on desktop or web, I haven't been able to speak. So if you want to join in the conversation, best to join on your phone or other mobile device.
  • When you first join, you will be a listener. No one can hear you but you will hear the speakers. They are identified with the label "speaker" and the audience members are identified with the label "listener". 
  • If you want to speak, you can click the microphone icon to request speaker privileges. These are approved by the host. You will remain muted by default. Unmute to speak. (Remember to re-mute yourself when you're not speaking!)
  • You can respond to the speakers using emoji. Click the heart icon to view the emojis available. Note: they are all positive :) Pro tip: long-press an emoji to change its colour. 
For more tips, check out Twitter's guide on Twitter spaces.

See you Wednesday!