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Tanya Snook. A user experience designer who builds citizen and employee experiences in the Government of Canada, she is best known for popularizing the phrase "UX Theatre" to describe the superficial posturing that some organizations do in the place of proper user experience design. 

Her focus is on designing end-to-end services, content and applications with the goal of balancing the needs of citizens with those of the government staff who deliver services. As part of this work, she has been designing and running workshops since the mid-2000s in both the public and private sector.  Tanya has taken her learnings from facilitating all sorts of collaborative sessions and created the Workshop Workshop to help designers better structure and lead their workshops. She also offers custom workshop design services for sessions including user experience workshops, team-building exercises, strategy sessions, problem-solving workshops and beyond.

Tanya is a founder and host of CanUX, Canada’s longest running user experience conference. She is also the co-host of the Government of Canada UX Network

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User experience, design, leadership, and technology.

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