SHAPE: Video Aimed at Kids is A Wonderful Intro to Design Thinking

Credit: Make Shape Change
This lovely little video was developed by Dublin City Council to explain design thinking to students.

It's part of a campaign called Make Shape Change which intends to get kids thinking about the design of everything around us:
Design is a simple thing that we can all use. Creative thinking for a practical purpose. Being able to imagine a stone as a spearhead, a cave as a house or a rock as part of a wall. It's a bridge between what something is and what it could be. Between the things we make and how we use them. It's not the whole story of the world we make around us, but it's an important part. It's always been there, helping us progress, and making things work better.
This is great on so many levels:
  • Kids definitely need to learn about design thinking, so +1 right off the top.
  • The visuals are so simple and convey so much information. It's not only informative, it's fun and cute!
  • This is suitable for all ages. If you want to know more about design thinking or need help explaining it to your clients/ colleagues/ kids, then you'd best bookmark it!

(Source: Fast Co. Design)