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Designing the team experience: Building culture through onboarding (Slides from PPPConf, Chicago 2018)

On Thursday, August 9, 2018, I delivered a presentation on team culture at the Prototypes, Process and Play conference in Chicago.

My presentation was a case study of an enterprise project where onboarding was not a priority and the project was a giant mess. Meanwhile, the little sub-team that I was on paid a lot of attention to designing the team member experience, including onboarding, and in turn ended up developing a reusable process for designing the team member experience.

My takeaways were:
Your team is an element of your project that needs to be designed. If you don’t build onboarding into your processes, people can get lost along the way.In UX, when you don't design the team member experience, you sacrifice the experience of your people for the experience of your users.Help new hires become part of the team and set them up to be productive contributors. Create a ramp-up process to show new hires how their work will make an impact.Establish and share your project folklore e…

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