#blamedrewscancer - Motivation during a dark hour

Earlier this week, I saw a Tweet pop up that highlighted an incredible initiative by a blogger named Drew. It seems that Drew was in a great place in his life, when cancer decided to stop by. You can read the post about his diagnosis for more background. (He's quite the writer)

Not to take this lightly, Drew decided to direct his anger by blaming his cancer for everything that goes wrong; the theory being that over time, the cancer (like a person) will get completely beat down by being blamed for everything. The cancer will break before it will have a chance of breaking Drew. Naturally, I love Drew's attitude about the whole situation.

Of course, more hate is needed to really beat down the cancer. So Drew did what all good techies do, he built a website. Not just any website. No, a website where other people can blame Drew's cancer for anything going wrong in their lives. (BlameDrewsCancer.com) And it's as easy as sending a Tweet on Twitter containing the tag #blamedrewscancer.

And the best part: when Drew beats cancer, sponsors will donate $1 for every participant to the American Cancer Society and Make a Wish Foundation.

As of today, over 6500 people have blamed Drew's cancer for more than 10,000 things. Note: the site has been up less than 3 weeks. Even Lance Armstrong got in on the action:

Lance blames drews cancer

What a cathartic way of dealing with a terrible situation. What an great testimony to the viral power of Twitter and the web.

So let me ask you: are you on Twitter? Did something go wrong today? Why not #blamedrewscancer?

UPDATE: Check out the comments section... Drew himself stopped by and left a note!

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